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Elvis to appear on Kumars At No. 42 TV show
Asian In Media, 2005-05-09

Life Isn't... finally comes BBC1, as does the Kumars

extract -

BBC1 has brought over the comedy Kumars At No. 42 to a primetime slot from BBC2 with the new series. It recently won a Peabody Award in the States after it debuted on BBC America.

She said: "If we can do anything [with Kumars] as well as Little Britain did moving from BBC2 to BBC1 then we'd be delighted. BBC tends to choose groups of comedies they think deserve wider audience and see how it goes. We're not expected to change what we do, just as Little Britain didn't.

"Although for us on a purely practical level we have a bigger budget to attract bigger name guests, and that makes a huge difference. So far we have got people like Elvis Costello, Alice Cooper and David Hasselhoff confirmed, and fingers crossed, Shah Rukh is very interested!"