Ute Lemper names Elvis albums among her favourites
Barnes and Noble newsletter, 2000-04-19


Punishing Kiss
Ute Lemper


On PUNISHING KISS, Kurt Weill interpreter Ute Lemper crosses over to collaborate with such hipsters as Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave. Here, the cabaret star tells us about the albums she holds a torch for.

The Juliet Letters

This is a collaboration between Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet. I love the quality of a string quartet -- the way the players work together, harmoniously or dissonantly. They can go into very fine lines of psychology. These settings of letters written to Juliet Capulet are never bombastic, and they really tell a story. Elvis Costello has incredibly diverse talents.

and Terror+Magnificence are amongst Ute's picks