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Review of concert from 2005-05-25: Norwich, UEA Norwich - with the Imposters
EDP24, 2005-05-26
Ben Kendall

Fans walk out at Costello show


May 26, 2005

Outraged fans walked out in disgust last night as Elvis Costello arrived on stage several hours late and then shouted abuse at the audience.

As predicted in yesterday's EDP, the singer-songwriter and avid Liverpool fan arrived on stage late as he tried to catch the Champions League final on television.

But while his victorious team were soaking up the glory in Istanbul, Costello received a hostile reaction from fans as he came on at about 10pm.

Malca Schotten, from Norwich, was in the audience. She said: “Some of us had been there since 7.30pm and didn't realise he was going to be late, so we were annoyed to say the least.

“But, although there were some stupid people shouting and throwing things, most people were polite.

“His reaction was completely over the top. He was swearing and gesturing to the crowd, showing a complete lack of respect – I don't care how famous you are, you should respect your fans.

“I paid £50 to take my sister for her birthday, I've always wanted to see him live and was really looking forward to it.

“His behaviour was disgusted and we were the first to walk out and plenty of people followed.

“Even the bouncers said he was out of order and I'll be trying to get my money back.”