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Interview with Diana Krall
GQ Italy, 2003-12-10
- Melanie Payge Anderson


Diana Krall's Jazz Seduction

"From the life Diana Krall is having actual everything. Love, money, success. For the sexy lady of jazz this was really a very important year. And not only because her shining career, she fulfilled a dream of the prestigious Grammy was Award, the Oscar of music. The charming Canadian, to 38 years, has above all found love. With her irresistible The Look of Love, which seduced the public and the world music charts, gained the heart of one of the most enigmatic characters and unattainable of music, the English singer-songwriter Elvis Costello. Not only. Diana Krall also succeeded to realize a larger dream: to play with Woody Allen. She, that the critic has often compared to the divine one Ella Fitzgerald, in fact had a part in Anything Else, the film that Woody presented at the last Venice Film Festival. An exclusive for GQ, Diana Krall, sexy and enchanted, talks candidly. Relaxed and in sentimental mood like in her songs.

First the Grammy then Elvis, what effect does this have in success?

To receive a Grammy is an honor, but these in appearance of my career do not interest me. When I write music I do not do it to gain possible recognition or thinking in limits of sales!

Now that you have found success and love, what more would you want from life?

I need to find greater inner force and, above all, balance. I will always work in the future, I am a very ambitious woman, and I cannot change character. But, to know what more I want in the future, I need to stop and reflect, for now I do not have the time to do it.

With the new album you are also collaborating with your companion, Elvis Costello?

Yes, we are working a lot together. Not only an important contribution but also we influence each other as musicians.

That album will be?

It is difficult to decide the direction of an album, it always seems that someone else has to be responsible for the inspiration. But this disk is my child. I did not want another album with romantic background. It will be very different from the other, more personal.

Among your admirers is also Clint Eastwood...

Yes, he is a big fan of music jazz and his son Kyle plays the bass. We met at the Monterey Jazz Festival. I am a good friend of his wife, we ride horseback together. He is a large actor, but is also capable of playing the piano.

Do you consider yourself an independent woman?

It pleases me to decide alone, to say they’re mine on the page and of the page. It does not please me to reason for stereotypes. I want to be a demonstrator of
a woman who also has a sense of humor. There are so many manners across that it is expressed in the character of a woman. Not like Ivana Trump, for example, that do not ever change. I don’t want my image to always be that of the one covered on a CD.

In concerts you are always very intense. How do you see yourself at the conclusion of a live performance?

I am not secure how I pair the photography of these pages, where I put on the Gucci cocktail dress! I don’t ever hang around the hotel room with champagne and with the silver high-heeled shoes!

You are considered, above all, a musician, but embarrassment creates them the public role of character?

There was a time I took myself of it more, today I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin, I learned not to give importance to this. My life has not changed. I have the same inner-frustrations, at 38 years old I am still questioning myself on everything, I am seeking an inner-leader. During these times, I still need to pass a little time with myself the piano.

When are you perfectly comfortable?

When I am at home mine, in Vancouver. I can allow myself of to relax, it liberates me from every type of pressure. I am not obsessed with the way to appear. I take a walk dressed like myself, with my hair in a ponytail. I am not a public character so well-known and recognizable. Things, however, have changed when I go out with Elvis. There they wait outside and the paparazzi want to photograph us together.

Jazz or pop? Critics have said they are confused, and do not know how to identify it. How would you categorize your music?

These definitions do not please me. I am alone, for my part, I hate the categories. However I can accept it all provided that I am defined as a smooth jazz singer. The labels are a limit, for a little I co-exist with to have been defined a cantata from the hoarse and sexy voice. My background is above all the traditional jazz, Oscar Peterson, Fats Waller, Art Tatum and Bill Evans. But I love also Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits.

Your public admires both your voice and body. What do you think about this? Are you pleased to be considered by them a sex symbol?

Me, a sex symbol? Oh no, Jennifer Lopez, now yes she is! She has an extraordinary body and is attractive. I will never be like her. I feel myself a sensual woman, not a sex symbol. I want to take the best possible care my body, I go to the gym, but is difficult to hold myself in shape when I am on the road for the good part a year. Traveling absorbs a lot of energy and often you do not have the time to follow balanced nutrition. To have the appearance of being in shape and with the perfect look also after a 16-hour flight, because there is a photographer that waits to do you a new service.

Do you have a role model of femininity to which you would want to imitate?

I love natural feminine beauty, the women I think to be of same are Joni Mitchell, Ali McGraw and Lauren Bacall.

What do you want the readers of GQ to know about you?

That I am a woman with a thousand faces. I can play but also play with my image like a model. I want the public to not have only one view of me. The Italians should know that I am a woman who pleases to make the actual decisions. And also that fashion is like a game. From the Festival of San Remo and to the Grammy Awards this year they saw me put on their Italian style clothing. I love the Italian fashion. I like Gucci, also Dolce & Gabbana, above all their jackets, I feel sexy and at the same time comfortable in situations which allow me to relax puts into practice, like when sound the piano in concert. I go crazy for the vintage, love Valentino and Pucci.

The women then love the shoes...

I adore the line of Gucci Shoes, Tom Ford is very good. In my collection, I have also Sergio Rossi boots that I bought in Florence.

And the Krall beyond the music?

I’m dying to work in film. I have a part of a seducer in the film on Cole Porter, De Lovely, and I have fulfilled my dreams to work with Woody Allen in his last film, Anything Else. Now I would like to give my voice to some animated films, like Shrek. But more than anything I would like to do a western film, so I could go on horseback, horses are my great passion. I have to find the time .


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