Elvis recounts the story behind the infamous PFM hat
GQ (US), 1999-12-01, p64


"Why I Wear What I Wear"

EC recounts the story behind the infamous PFM hat:

"My wife had gone to work on this project where they count black bears in the Minnesota woods.  They've got a lot of insects up there so she shaved her head. And I said - "Hey, that looks good, I'll shave my head too".   Then I had to have my picture taken for the record.  And I thought.   Maybe being a skinhead doesn't really go with these romantic songs - I'd better wear a hat. So it sort of became a look"


EC also mentions how he wanted the Attractions to adopt a Parliament/Funkadelic look in the early 80s - big feathers, stack-heeled shoes and headdresses!  "But I could never persuade them to do it"


He also says how the "Warhol" type image on the front of the Very Best of.. is "the strongest single image of me that's ever been made" and how he was surprised by the album's success in the UK : "We went in at no 4. I thought I'd entered an alternative universe".