News of new song by Elvis Costello for The Arc Angels
Hartford Courant, 2001-01-12
- Roger Catlin



Burnett, who produced Elvis Costello's "King of America" and "Spike," is working with him again on something completely different.

"Elvis Costello and I are doing a TV show together about four Russian supermodels who come to the U.S. and become the world's most famous rock 'n' roll band. Elvis is writing all the tunes for it," Burnett says. "We're going in to record a tune for the pilot tomorrow."

It's called "Tear Off Your Head, It's the Doll Revolution."

The two are developing their show "The Arc Angels" for Ron Howard's company Imagine, but whether it will ever make it on the air is unknown. "Television is a many-stepped process," he says.