Brief review of concert at 1999-04-21: Dublin, National Concert Hall
Irish Times, 1999-04-26
- Johnny Watterson

Monday, April 26, 1999

Compiled by Johnny Watterson

Some Manchester United fans who couldn't bear to watch the match on Wednesday might have instead gone to the Elvis Costello concert in Dublin to blank out the torture.

The gig started shortly after United went 2-0 down to Inzhagi's early goals, leaving punters in the pub with a gut-feeling that the European dream was in tatters.

 However, towards the end of the concert and after the third encore from Costello, he asked the audience whether anyone wanted to hear the result of the match and started strumming on his guitar.

No it wasn't Tramp The Dirt Down, but a clever little run through the match with his own nimble fingers plucking on the guitar for the backing track.

Strumming to the crowd and taking them through the game, from Inzaghi's opening goals to Keane's counter and United's remarkable comeback, Costello clearly rose to the occasion. He then, of course, finished off the gig with Red Shoes.