Costello sells albums as downloads
JamMusic, 2000-02-28



Costello sells albums as downloads

Elvis Costello's first dozen albums will be available for download online from the EMusic website.

The deal, believed to be the biggest-ever between an artist and an online download company, will make the 12 albums Costello released between 1977 and 1986 available in MP3 format. Single tracks will sell for US$.99, while whole albums will be downloadable for US$8.99.

While artists like the Beastie Boys have made single tracks available and David Bowie sold his latest album "...hours..." as a Liquid Audio download, Costello's pact with EMusic represents the largest online music deal yet.

"If only I had been paying attention back in the 70s, I could be writing this greeting in FORTRAN," said Costello, who worked as a computer programmer before devoting himself to music.

"As it is, mere words cannot express ...... so see you in cyberspace. The future lies ahead."

Costello originally recorded the albums for Columbia Records. After he left the company, the rights to those first albums eventually reverted back to him, and the material was later licensed to Ryko for reissue on CD with bonus tracks.

Here's the full list of Costello albums available for download:
"My Aim Is True" (1977)
"This Year's Model" (1978)
"Armed Forces" (1979)
"Get Happy!!" (1980)
"Trust" (1981)
"Almost Blue" (1981)
"Imperial Bedroom" (1982)
"Punch The Clock" (1983)
"Goodbye Cruel World" (1984)
"The Very Best Of Elvis Costello & The Attractions" (1985)
"King of America" (1986)
"Blood & Chocolate" (1986)

The only omission is the 1980 B-sides and rarities collection, "Taking Liberties".

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