Review of Blue Chair single
NME, 1987-01-31, p16 & p31
- Michele Kirsch


ELVIS COSTELLO: Blue Chair (Demon)

Another better B-side. The "twilight" version of 'American Without Tears' - a gently swaggering, poignant portrait of, er, true Venezualan love? Elvis always draws tears with his C&W material. 'Blue Chair' is a stripped down version of one of the less memorable tunes from 'Blood And Chocolate'. Mostly bass and keyboards, with a much too long fade out that does the song a great disservice.

There are so many pseudonyms on the record sleeve (T bone Walk, Eamonn Singer, Napolean Dynamite, Howard Coward) you have to wonder if Elvis is really proud of this. He should be, of 'American Without Tears'.

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