Imperial Bedroom included in The Best Relationship Albums Of All Time
Q, 2000-03-01


"The Best Relationship Albums Of All Time"


Imperial Bedrooms appears alongside 11 others, including Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" and John & Yoko's "Double Fantasy". Here's what the caption says:


Only the bravest archaeologist claims to know what any Costello album is about, but his follow-up to Almost Blue is seen as his big confessional. His private life was certainly in tatters (married to Mary in 1974, the union was in trouble and he was seeing Bebe Buell - Liv Tyler's superchick mum - again). His first set conceived in the studio, these 15 songs have a doomed, inward looking quality. He even printed the lyrics! "Tears before bedtime/There'll be trouble tonight/I don't want to talk about it any more."

Best Tracks: Beyond Belief, Shabby Doll, The Long Honeymoon

Most Personal Moment: The Loved Ones: "The butcher, baker and the bassline maker say you can leave her/I can take her"