"The 100 Greatest Stars of the 20th Century"
Q, 1999-08-01

"The 100 Greatest Stars of the 20th Century", as voted by readers. Elvis is voted at #94.


Lennon + Strummer + Cole Porter

Famously driven by "revenge and guilt" to write songs, the former computer operator known to his folks as Declan MacManus rode the post-punk wave as a runtish, bespectacled geek. From the outset though, it was clear that his was a rare talent: barbed, spitty delivery combined with a melodic sense and lyrical capability to rival Dylan (Watching The Detectives reads more like a movie treatment than pop song). As he has grown older, even when it might have appeared that he was taking ill-advised diversions, his intuitive grasp for country, jazz and even classical music has kept him gloriously afloat. Costello has effortlessly proved himself to be Britain's finest post-Beatle songwriter."