Subject: as promised: Q tidbits

Q Magazine May 1998:

Review of Big Lebowski Soundtrack:

..."Fans might note an original, My Mood Swings, from Elvis Costello
which as the kids say - rocks." ****

The Best Dinner Party Albums of All Time:

EC & Brodsky Quartet: The Juliet Letters:

"A sorely undervalued Costello record and arguably the one that presaged
his shift back to accessibility following his mid - 80's hiatus - but
that needn't detain us here. What matters is that The Juliet Letters -
spiky polymath meets classical foursome - works so well at the intimate
dinner. There's something in Costello's voice that lends itself to the
rich lustre of the string quartet. Also, its a splendid compromise for
your guest who "can't manage that foreign muck", ie classical music

Best Tracks: I almost Had a Weakness; The Birds Will Still Be Singing.

Best Moment: Jacksons Monk and Rowe's chorus, spanning genres like Cat
Stevens on Matthew & Son."