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Review of The Delivery Man
Rip It Up, 2004-12-01
Narelle Jackson

The Delivery Man

4 stars

The 'other Elvis' sas been an exponent of the singer/songwriter/musician tradition since 1977. Largely a concept album inspired by the true story of a murderer that Elvis once read, the character of The Delivery Man has since been lurking in his imagination.

Together with vocal powerhouses Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris, Elvis loosely unfolds non-sequential tales of trucker Abel and influence on the lives of three women. Typically well-crafted lyrics and stellar musical performances abound. Country, rock 'n' roll and blues meld together effortlessly with a backbone of earthy, passionate honesty. Just be careful you don't find yourself sobbing into your whiskey in the wee hours with this as the soundtrack.

Narelle Jackson