Review of two informal shows on 2000-04-27 in San Francisco
SF Gate, 2000-05-03
- Beth Lisick


Elvis loves the SF nightlife, the Emeryville-based search site starring the civilized butler guy, is now so downright huge they nabbed Elvis Costello to play their monster corporate party last Thursday. Then the British King of America hightailed it to the Fillmore to check out the Boom Boom Room. Apparently, sassy jump-blues singer Brenda Boykin and her band Home Cookin' were going at it when Ms. Boykin alerted the crowd of his arrival. Costello, who had played the AskJeeves gig with Home Cookin' organist Austin Delone, took the stage with Nick Lowe on bass and Jim Keltner on drums and proceeded to play an hour-long set, even including old-standbys like "Alison" and "Pump It Up."

sfgate.000503.jpg (9381 bytes)
Elvis Costello pumped it up all over SF last weekend.

Who knows what he did all day Friday? (Maybe he ate at the Slanted Door.) But Friday night he popped in for another unannounced set at downtown theater-turned-nightspot Ruby Skye. And, just for the record, each page of the Ruby Skye website features the official Ruby Skye motto, which appears to be "Explore Your Rhythm." Say cheese!