Elvis to create and write comedy-drama series
Spin, 2000-11-03


Costello, T-Bone on WB

Finally. Since I started this job, I've been waiting for Elvis Costello to do something remotely Spin-worthy so that I could write a story about my hero. And the time is now. Costello and T-Bone Burnett have teamed up to develop a comedy-drama television series for the WB. I love the WB. And I love Costello. According to Variety, the show will center on four ex-fashion models who decide to try their luck at being rock stars, spend a lot of other people's cash, and face a lot of obstacles along the way. Thank the dear sweet lord, Mr. Costello will be writing an original song to appear in each episode of the series, slated to begin airing next fall. Burnett will act as an executive producer, overseeing primarily the show's musical content. Costello will be with long-time friend, UPN producer John Mankiewicz, to write, develop, and executive produce the pilot-the idea for which came about through e-mail correspondence between the two earlier this year. After shopping their concept around a bit, Imagine Television President Tony Krantz offered to produce the show alongside 20th Century Fox Television. Costello told Variety that he imagines his rocker-girl characters doing some crazy deeds, like travelling into outer space and rescuing folks "from dastardly dictators." The show will also deal with some legitimate music industry topics, like snarky agents and label pressures, the likes of which my boy Elvis no doubt knows quite a bit about. Costello even hinted that he might crop up as a villain or "flunkie" on the series somewhere on down the line. In related news, Elvis Costello is God.

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