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Review of concert from 2005-02-02: Valencia, Palacio de Congresos - with the Imposters
This Is Valencia, 2005-02-06
Lolita Divine

Elvis Costello in concert
02 February 2005

Palau de congresos. Valencia

Ok i'll admit it - and i'm not the best at admitting things! - when my dear dear friend Anita Darling called me up at 5 o'clock in the morning a couple of weeks ago screaming ¨SWEETIE ELVIS IS COMING TO VALENCIA!!!AND IM TAKING YOU TO SEE HIM!!!

I thought it was Mr Presley himself...

So, HA! I thought, all those rumours that The King still lives are true! and I'im going to see the guy and his blue suede shoes in the flesh. I got no sleep that night, trying to remember where I had put all my Elvis-type clothes and how I could get up on stage with him and sing bebopaloola with him..

and when I called her back in the morning screaming "I can't believe the king is coming to town!" there was a long, pregnant pause, I was rather confused.

¨No Lolita babe, Elvis Costello, you know, 'Olivers army', the guy that our parents used to air guitar to when we were babies??¨

"No anita," i replied, "I do not remember."

So, that very afternoon the girl clip clopped in her manolos over to my flat with an armful of cds, she sat in front of my imac (georrrgiouss) for hours on end making an Elvis C compilation on my Itunes and told me I was to listen to him til I was tired of him and learn all the tracks and that we were to meet in the Marasquino before the concert for pre-concert Daiquiris.

Next thing I know I'm queueing IN Palau de Congresos, to get into the Palau de Congresos! (I won't go there, it's complicated)

Both of us feeling rather overdressed, and rather nervous as all the long haired piercing types smile at us.

Get to our seats.

Anita. the darling, had paid extra for the best seats in the house and who was right next to us?´s very own Gooru, and his missus, and GH!!!

At first I was bored stiff, itching for a drink and wanted to call everyone I knew to tell them where I was.

Told Anita that we were either going to stand at the back and dance or I was outta there. So what did we do???

Stood up!

Bothered every fanatical fan in our row and stood at the back, underneath the emergency lights, so Elvis could see us, the only people in the whole room dancing, and boogied til our feet hurt! There I was, at a concert of a guy old enough to be my father, singin' along (making up the words to his songs) and enjoying myself thoroughly!

The audience, to be fair, did get up a couple of times to clap and boogie, but they had no staying pwer and soon sat down again when the pace slowed.

At the end of the concert, after the 3rd encore, Anita is sure that Elvis nodded in our direction, most probably thanking us for being the only people actually showing that we were enjoying the music and trying to make an atmosphere in that place.

All in all a FAB night, the man (and his great band) deserves his reputation. And I might just go and buy that new Delivery Man Album.

but I have question for the powers that be in this city. How can you expect to fill an auditorium when you don't advertise it properly?!?!?!

Anyways, until next time my fellow Elvis, may he be Costello or Presley, lovers, take care and take a chance like I did.

Lolita Divine

Key songs of the night -
Pump it up.
I want you.