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Top Of The Pops website, 1999-07-15


Elvis Costello - 15 July 1999
totp.990715.jpg (2453 bytes) "I don't want to go to Chelsea" sang Elvis Costello - but with no such qualms about Elstree, he popped in to the TOTP studio for an online chat with fans. He talked about his wildly varied musical career, including his work with Burt Bacharach and Mike Myers, as well as his ecstatic new single She, released 19 July...


Elvis Costello live on beeb.com

Paul Curd asks: "Do you think you will ever return to recording with a band?"

Elvis: "Hello everyone. Yes, I will record with a band in the future but it won't sound like anything you've heard before."

Dean Huntley asks: "Hi Elvis - any chance of an Attractions reunion this century?"

Elvis: "Not this century or next century. Pete Thomas plays drums on Ally McBeal, Steve and I tour all the time."

Holly Morrison asks: "I love the songs you've written with your wife Cait O'Riordan. Have you and she ever thought about recording a duet together?"

Elvis: "Thank you. I'm not sure I could afford her fee, but she writes beautiful songs."

Coward asks: "Have you heard the Elvis Costello cover songs on the web page 'costello-online'?"

Elvis: "Yes, I've got a CD. My favourite was the Homer Simpson cover of No Action."

Coward asks: "How has it been touring as a duo instead of performing with a band?"

Elvis: "These are the most enjoyable concerts of my whole career. You can't compare a rock 'n' roll band with a symphony orchestra, but it's fantastic."

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For further questions and answers go to: http://www.chat.beeb.com/chat/transcripts/990715_costello/t990715_costello.html

Elvis: "It's been fun talking with you: see you down the road."


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