Undercover Online, 1999-02-17

Elvis plans next album with Steve Nieve

After 23 years of performing together, Elvis Costello and longtime keyboard player Steve Nieve are now writing together.

Although both members of The Attractions, the two have not written together until now.

Costello and Nieve are midway through a series of "intimate" concerts in Australia.

The set-list for the 2 and a half hour acoustic show dates right back to Costello's first recording Radio Sweetheart and dwells heavily from Costello's recent collaboration with Burt Bacharach.

Nieve is acting as Costello's musical director during the tour which has given the duo the opportunity to write together. One song Passionate Fight was debuted last night in Melbourne. The Costello / Nieve songwriting style would appear to be a natural progression from the torch ballads Costello wrote with Bacharach.

Costello has previously written with Paul McCartney who he described as a "delta blues great". The McCartney / Costello collaborations Veronica and Pads, Paws and Claws have been totally reworked for the acoustic shows.

Elvis says collaboration with Nieve is coming along slowly. It may be next year before we hear the recorded highlights.

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