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Many new USA concerts
USA Today, 2005-01-13
Elysa Gardner

Latter-day Elvis takes to the road

As rock fans celebrate a birthday of one Elvis this month, they can look forward to a tour from another. The ever-prolific Elvis Costello and his band The Imposters are hitting the road to promote their critically acclaimed CD The Delivery Man, nominated for two Grammy Awards. The concert trek kicks off March 2 in Orlando and is scheduled to run through April, with more than 30 dates in cities including Nashville, New Orleans, Houston, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

The tour will be immediately preceded on March 1 by the release of a limited edition of Delivery Man, with a bonus disc, The Clarksdale Sessions, featuring alternate versions of songs and additional tracks, as well as a video excerpt from an upcoming DVD.

•Elysa Gardner