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Review of concert from 2005-07-08: Istanbul, Turkey, Ašik Hava Tiyatrosu, Istanbul Jazz Festival - with the Imposters
Zaman, 2005-07-10
M. Ilhan Atilgan

Elvis Costello, Energetic but Melancholic

By M. Ilhan Atilgan
Published: Tuesday July 12, 2005

Elvis Costello dazzled fans at the Istanbul Jazz Festival Friday July 8. Singing hits of his 28-year music adventure, Costello charmed jazz lovers.

The most beautiful aspect of the Istanbul Jazz Festival is it presentation of not only jazz masters but also musicians inspired by jazz to music lovers. Istanbul swayed to Joan Baez in the summer of 2004 and last night Elvis Costello played jazz on his fans' heartstrings. The festival was original a "jazz" festival but Costello also sang his rock songs. With his energetic but melancholic voice, Costello belted out hits from as "New Wave" to "The Delivery Man". To discover Costello's musical fusion it would be enough to listen to a collection of his ten albums. He fuses sounds as he tries a different sound in each of his albums. Renowned as the most remarkable musician coming from Liverpool since The Beatles, Costello (he had composed a song with Paul McCartney as well) is also a very talented lyricist. Although he tries different sounds in his songs, he still keeps strong ties with traditional rock rhythms. Costello is a musician, could be eclectic to the musical genre of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. He never loses his signature lyrical style in his songs perhaps because his musical influences include The Beatles. Costello sand a song in tribute to his wife, the famous jazz vocalist Diana Krall.

Each concert by the famous singer's has a special atmosphere and memory. Listening to Costello and his group The Imposters was a novelty for Istanbulites.