If you´d just indugle me for a second, and if you feel
up to reading some insufferable bragging from this Norwegian lister, pray

Yesterday Elvis and Steve Nieve came to Norway, and I guess you could say I
came as close to having the time of my life as I´d ever dreamt of. First of
all, I had gained access to the press-conference, so for 30 minutes I was
free to ask him a lot of questions, which I did. Much thanks to those of
you who´d sent me some suggestions beforehand, I somehow managed to keep
from fainting, and as the other journos present seemed to be uncertain what
to ask our boy, Elvis and I more or less engaged in a two-way conversation,
only interrupted by one other guy who asked two questions.
He said he was impressed with my level of knowledge of his work, and at one
point asked me when was the last time he was here with the Attractions.
Elvis turned out to be the most gratious, forthcoming, and charming person
I´ve ever encountered. Period !!

Are you all sick yet ? if not, read on :

I brought him a present ( the second album by Rick Danko, Eric Andersen and
Jonas Fjeld), and as Elvis only had their first one, he seemed really
pleased and grateful. He duly scribble a thank-you-note inside my
Digipak-edition of "MLAR", and I also got both his and Steve´s signatures
on the box-set.  Steve´s was aquired when I popped in on the sound-check.

After the press-conference I asked him if he would consider posing for a
snap-shot with the two of us, and this he most graciously agreed to do.
Pics taken, he shook my hand, thanked me again for the CD, and went off to
do some radio-interview.

The other journalists present AND a guy from Elvis´Norwegian management
actually asked me who the f...... I was writing for, with my abundace of
info on EC. I told them I was doing an article for "Beyond Belief", an
international EC newsletter. The management-guy asked for my business-card
(ha ha ha...), but did get my name and address. I DO hope he´ll get in
touch next time Elvis decides to do a Norwegian date.....

I got some nice snapshots at the conference, and later on, when seated in
the front-row, in the "Press-section" at the concert I got a couple of
shots there as well. I managed to aquire the set-list from Steve´s piano,
and when the whole thing was over, and I was at the train-station waiting
to get back home, Elvis, Steve and Cait turns up, boarding the same train
as me.  As others were taking snapshots, I politely asked him if I could
take one as well.  He smiled and said "Sure, go ahead...." and from there
on I left them in peace.

Thus went my Sunday with Elvis. Have I earned my stay on the mailing-list

PS  I nearly forgot, mine was the only request he did at the concert ("I´ll
wear it proudly")

Sverre Ronny Saetrum