ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 1995 (in Denmark) was a 25 year jubilee and the limited
edition tickets (90 000!) was quickly sold out long in advance. It started
on Thursday 29 June and ended on the Sunday 2nd of July. Four days and a
mess of good artists (150 performances on eight stages). On that last day
EC (coming directly from the Meltdown in London) had arranged a special
performance. This was the final act on the "Green Stage", called...

THE JAZZ PASSENGERS featuring DEBBIE HARRY appeared on stage at 16.10.
Together with Marc Ribot on guitar they did 3 songs with Debbies cool voice
matching quite well. Then EC went on and did one song I don't know the name
of but sounding Just beacause of you. This was followed by a cool jazzy
bossa version of Man out of time! Debbie joined him on One way or another
before she ended the show with another song plus one encore about 17.15.
This was en exciting start. Good and fun.

THE BRODSKY QUARTET WITH ELVIS COSTELLO entered the stage at 17.45, and the
intro of Swine made a good instrumental  soundcheck. Then they played Pills
and soap, I almost had a weakness, Almost blue, They'll never believe me,
Romeo's seance, a Tom Waits song called It's more than rain, Jacksons Monk
and Rowe, The birds will still be singing and God only knows. Of course
there was an encore: Lost in the stars. This was a good performance and the
folks on stage were having fun performing for such a big howling bunch of
people in a huge festival tent. For us who saw the Brodskys perform with
Elvis in Copenhagen 1993 it was not very much new... More like fun. 18:30
it was over.

At 18.50 LUKA BLOOM from Ireland drove the audince wild with six or seven
songs, performing only with one white and one black acoustic guitar. He
ended with I need love and the audince loved it. This was the perfect
support act for the Attractions, maybe too good. The people wanted encore
but apparently there wasn't time for that, at 19.35.

The act ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ATTRACTIONS featuring Marc Ribot and James
Burton went on at 20.00 for a speedy jolly fun, but short, gig. Accidents
will happen, Just about glad, Honey are you straight or are you blind?,
Clown strike and Watching the detectives were run through fast. Then Ribot
joined on I've been wrong before, Strange, Hidden charms and Deep dark
truthful mirror (sounding much better than during the '94 summer tour).
James Burton came in to the love of the audience and there was Tonight the
bottle let me down, I threw it all away, Leave my kitten alone, Pouring
water on a drowning man and finally Bama lama bama loo.

Encores of course and Less than zero (cool and relaxed), 13 steps lead down
and You belong to me was brought to us. Fast.

More encores wanted, and this time with Ribot & Burton. Why don't you love
me like you used to do, Alison (including Tracks of my tears, Tears of a
clown and Clowntime is over) and of course Pump it up. After 21.15 it was
over. I guess EC was hurried as he seemed a bit stressed.

I had a really good time the whole evening through. Elvis singing and the
voice was really really good despite the busy weekend. It was hardly
anything surprisning though. The highlights for me was the jazzy Man out of
time, the Tom Waits song with the Brodsky's and all of Luka Bloom. With the
Attractions the goodies were the songs from Kojak Variety (and especially
Nieves piano on I've been wrong before and I threw it all away). They all
sounded real good with the old combo too. Most of all I must praise the
choice of  Tonight the bottle... and Why don't you love me... with Lord
Burton's picking guitar in front. That was WOW!


    ...these songs with Elvis Costello:
Just Because Of You  (?)
Man Out Of Time
One Way Or Another (with Debbie Harry)

Intro. Swine (instrumental soundcheck)
Pills & Soap
I Almost Had A Weakness
Almost Blue
They'll Never Believe Me
Romeo's Seance
More Than Rain
Jackson's Monk & Rowe
The Birds Will Still Be Singing
God Only Knows     (?) (...I may not always love you...)

Encore: Lost In the Stars

                                                                                        featuring MARC RIBOT & JAMES BURTON
Accidents Will Happen
Just About Glad
Honey Are You Straight
Clown Strike
Watching The Detectives
I've Been Wrong Before
 (Ribot joins)
Hidden Charms
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
I Threw It All Away
 (Burton joins)
Leave My Kitten Alone
Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
Bama Lama Bama Loo

Encores with Attractions only:
Less Than Zero
13 Steps Lead Down
You Belong To Me

Encores with Ribot & Burton too:
Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used to do?
Alison  (with Tracks Of My Tears, Tears Of A Clown and Clowntime is over)
Pump It Up

Jesper Bjorck, Sweden (bjorck@bajou.pp.se)