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Elvis Costello

Date Title front back disc
1978-01-25 Austin, TX, Armadillo World Headquarters  
1978-01-28 Dallas, TX, Faces
  as above  
1978-02-01 Kansas City, MO, Pogo's  
1978-02-04 Boulder, CO, University Of Colorado see front  
1978-02-07 Berkeley, CA, University Of California, Zellerbach Auditorium - In Berkeley 1978      
1978-02-08 Davis, CA, University Of California (Coffee House)  
1978-02-09 Eugene OR, Lane County Civic Centre see front  
1978-02-14 Minneapolis, MN, Longhorn Bar  
1978-02-22 Schnecksville, PA, Lehig County Community College (Gymnasium)  
1978-03-01 Amherst, MA, University Of Massachussets  
1978-03-04 Buffalo, NY, State University Of New York see front  
1978-03-22 Newcastle, City Hall  
1978-03-29 Brighton, Top Rank Suite  
1978-04-04 Glasgow, Satellite City  
1978-04-12 Portsmouth, Guildhall - with the Attractions w./ Phil Lynott and Nick Lowe see front  
1978-04-15 London, Roundhouse  
1978-04-21 Chicago, IL, Aragon Ballroom  
1978-04-27 Syracuse, NY, Landmark Theatre  
  as above  
1978-05-06 New York City, NY, Palladium  
1978-05-14 Tampa, FL, Jai-Alai Fronton see front  
1978-05-17 Cincinatti, OH, University Of Cincinatti (Wilson Theatre)  
1978-05-21 Tulsa, OK, Cain's Ballroom  
1978-06-06 San Jose, CA, Center For The Performing Arts  
1978-06-18 Paris, L'Olympia  
1978-06-23 Den Haag, Congresgebouw  
1978-07-07 Malmö, Dad's Dancehall  
1978-11-03 Toronto, O'Keefe Center  
1978-11-23 Osaka, Mido Hall  
1978-11-27 Tokyo Storm Warning 1978 (3CD+1DVD) - Tokyo, Japanese Education Hall      
1978-11-28 Tokyo Storm Warning 1978 (3CD+1DVD) - Tokyo, Japanese Education Hall      
1978-11-28 Tokyo, Japanese Education Hall  
1978-11-30 Tokyo Storm Warning 1978 (3CD+1DVD) - Tokyo, Seibu Theatre      
1978-12-03 Sydney, Regent Theatre  
1978-12-18 London, Dominion Theatre  
1978-12-19 London, Dominion Theatre  
1978-12-23 London, Dominion Theatre  
1978-12-24 London, Dominion Theatre