Heatwave 1980


Tracks - [56:35]

    SIDE 1:                             SIDE 2:
      *Shot With His Own Gun (listed       Green Shirt
        as "How Does It Feel")             You'll Never Be A Man
       Accidents Will Happen               (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
       The Beat                            Secondary Modern
       Temptation                          Pump It Up
       What's So Funny About Peace Love
        And Understanding
       Mystery Dance
    SIDE 3:                             SIDE 4:
       Lover's Walk                        Alison

       Less Than Zero                      Clubland
       Big Tears                           Oliver's Army
       High Fidelity                       Watching The Detectives/You Belong
       Radio Radio                          To Me
       I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
    (It's possible that the track marked '*' isn't on all versions!)


Release Information:

     Date  | Media| Catalogue number (comments)
|    ______|  2xLP| ECHWC82380


    Recorded at Mosport Park/Raceway near Toronto, Canada. (See also Canada
    Heatwave Festival 23-Aug-80.) Record labels from other artists used and
    have no mention of Costello.


Sounds like an audience recording but is quite passable if a bit dodgey in places. Pretty good gig, with a storming version of "Detectives" - Richard Spence {spencrg@stoyuk.mhs.compuserve.com} Fair to very good - Mark C. Bartlett {bartlett@tuns.ca} Performance: 8/10. Sound: 7/10 - John Steffes {john.c.steffes@jci.com}