Blood And Chocolate - Elvis Costello And The Attractions [47:49]
Release date Media Catalogue number (comments)
1986-09-15 LP Demon IMP XFIEND 80 (UK)
1986-09-15 CD Demon IMP FIEND 80 (UK)
1986-09-15 CAS Demon IMP XFIEND CAS 80 (UK)
1986-09-__ LP Columbia fc 40518 (US)
1986-09-__ CD Columbia fc 40518 (US)
1986-09-__ LP Imp/Line IPLP 4.00200J (Germany, limited edition white vinyl)
1986-__-__ LP F-Beat X FIEND 80/5 014757 010804 (Holland)
19__-__-__ LP Liberation Records LIB 5110 (Australia)
19__-__-__ CAS Liberation Records TCLIB 5110 (Australia)

Japanese release in miniature paper sleeve
2003-09-27 CD Victor VICP-62511 (Japan, miniature paper sleeves of original LP artwork)
  1. Uncomplicated (NME version/UK version) [3:21] - see notes
  2. I Hope You're Happy Now [3:05]
  3. Tokyo Storm Warning [MacManus/O'Riordan] [6:22]
  4. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head [5:03]
  5. I Want You [6:39]
  6. Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You Blind? [2:07]
  7. Blue Chair [3:38]
  8. Battered Old Bird [5:48]
  9. Crimes Of Paris [4:19]
  10. Poor Napolean [3:20]
  11. Next Time Around [3:34]
Nick Lowe with Colin Fairley.
Napoleon Dynamite (Elvis Costello)- Vocaj, Elektra kaj Akistika Guitaroj
Stieve Nieve - Piano kaj Organo
Bruce Thomas - Baso Guitaro kaj Saksofono
Pete Thomas - Tamburoj kaj Saksofono
"Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head":
Napoleon Dynamite - Balgo, Kanoj, Klingovaroj
Nick Lowe - Acoustika Guitaro
"I Want You":
Nick Lowe - Acoustika Guitaro
"Honey Are You Straight Or Are You Blind?":
Napoleon Dynamite - Vox Kontinenta
Nick Lowe - Acoustika Guitaro
"Blue Chair":
Nick Lowe - Acoustika Guitaro
"Battered Old Bird":
Napoleon Dynamite - Harmoniumo
Steve Nieve - Harmoniumo
"Crimes Of Paris":
Cait O'Riordan - Voca
"Poor Napoleon":
Napoleon Dynamite - Helpa Baso, Tamburino
Cait O'Riordan - Parolis Voco
"Next Time Around":
Nick Lowe - Acoustika Guitaro
#16 (UK), #84 (US).
Went gold (100,000 copies) in the UK (date unknown).
  • The UK CD version of "Uncomplicated" has a slightly different mix to the vinyl, cassette and US CD versions. The story behind this:
    "Apparently, originally different mixes were to be released in the UK and in the rest of the world, on this album. This decision was reversed at the last minute, but too late to change the CD. The CD version in the UK at least is different from the vinyl & cassette, it has a guitar part missing from the guitar break near the end, and no clunking anvil sound after the "horse that knows arithmetic" line. The NME version was intended to be the same as non-UK releases, but in the end only differed from the original UK CD." - Phil Dennison {}

  • A limited edition of the UK cassette version (only on sale in Virgin stores) was issued in a package resembling a Cadburys Bournville chocolate bar, but was later withdrawn due to complaints from Cadburys. This collectors item is worth much more if unopened.