LESS THAN ZERO (organ mix)
[Costello] [3:04]

Elvis Costello & Clover

This track is a slightly different mix to both the version on My Aim Is True & the single (BUY 11). Like the single it doesn't have the theremin-like organ in the chorus which is on the My Aim Is True version, but where the single has those fuzz-toned/distorted chords in the chorus, this version has them softened & buried in the mix. Also, you can hardly hear the guitar fill during the fade-out.

Artist: various
Album: A Bunch Of Stiff Records
Release dateMedia Catalogue number (comments)
1977-04-__ LP Stiff SEEZ 2 (UK)
1979-05-01 LP Stiff/Victor VIP-6651 (Japan)
- For contractual reasons the backing band Clover are called The Shamrocks on this release.
- This record was commonly known simply as A Bunch Of Stiffs.