Mighty Like A Rose
- Elvis Costello

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Release date Media Catalogue number (comments)
1991-05-10 CD Warner 7599-26575-2 (Germany)
1991-__-__ LP Warner 7599-26575-1 (German promo)
1991-05-13 LP Warner WX 419/9-26575-2
1991-05-13 CD Warner WX 419CD/9-26575-2
1991-__-__ CD Warner 7599-26575-2 (UK in-store promo, no inserts, 'rose' picture disc)

special edition front
1991-__-__ CD Warner 7599-26575-2 or 7599-26593-2 (US promo, special digipak looks like imitation leather. Photo of EC on CD. Inside the digipak is the quote: "Sweetest little fella, everybody knows. Don't know what to call him, but he's mighty like a rose" - E.Nevin)
1991-05-25 CD Warner WPCP 4344 (Japan)
1991-__-__ CAS Warner 759-26575-4 (Australia)
1995-__-__ CD Warner WPCR 352 (Japan, reissue)
19__-__-__ LP Warner 01321 (Brazilian promo, incl. lyrics)
20000-11-__ 3xCD Warner 9362480432 (Australia, 3 For One includes Spike, Mighty Like A Rose and The Juliet Letters)
    Side 1:
  1. The Other Side Of Summer [3:56]
  2. Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over) [Costello/Keltner] [4:05]
  3. How To Be Dumb [5:12]
  4. All Grown Up [4:17]
  5. Invasion Hit Parade [5:33]
  6. Harpies Bizarre [3:44]
  7. After The Fall [4:38]
    Side 2:
  1. Georgie And Her Rival [3:38]
  2. So Like Candy [McCartney/MacManus] [4:36]
  3. Interlude: Couldn't Call It Unexpected No.2 [0:22]
  4. Playboy To A Man [McCartney/MacManus] [3:17]
  5. Sweet Pear [3:36]
  6. Broken [O'Riordan] [3:36]
  7. Couldn't Call It Unexpected No.4 [3:49]
Mitchell Froom, Kevin Killen & D.P.A.MacManus.
"The Other Side Of Summer":
Elvis Costello - vocals, intro bass, 12-string guitar, b-vocals
Larry Knetchel - grand piano, keyboards
Pete Thomas - drums & percussion
T-Bone Wolk - bass
Jerry Scheff - fuzz 6-string bass
James Burton - acoustic guitar
Benmont Tench - tack piano
Mitchell Froom - keyboards
Richard Page, Steven Soles, Steve George - b-vocals
"Hurry Down Doomsday":
Elvis Costello - vocals, main figure & rhythm guitar
Jim Keltner - drum loops, beaten things, maestrodellavolta
James Burton - guitar solos
Nick Lowe - bass
Marc Ribot - giant insect mutation & bug attack
"How To Be Dumb":
Elvis Costello - vocals, big stupid guitar, maracas
Pete Thomas - drums
Jerry Scheff - bass
Roger Lewis - baritone saxophone
Marc Ribot - electric rhythm guitar
Larry Knechtel - grand piano, organ
Mitchell Froom & Marc Ribot - industrial jack-ass
Pierre - maracas
"All Grown Up":
Elvis Costello - vocals
Jim Keltner - drums
T-Bone Wolk - bass
Larry Knechtel - piano, clavinet
James Burton - acoustic guitar
Marc Ribot - cornet, Eb horn
Mitchell Froom - chamberlain, portative organ
"Invasion Hit Parade":
D.P.A. MacManus - vocals, electric guitar, big stupid guitar, little foolish organ
Ross MacManus - trumpet
Larry Knechtel - grand piano
Pete Thomas - drums
T-Bone Wolk - bass
Marc Ribot - electric guitar
Mitchell Froom - chamberlain
Costello/Froom/Ribot - 'Radio Hail, Hail Freedonia Breakthrough'
"Harpies Biyarre":
Elvis Costello - vocals, electric guitar
T-Bone Wolk - Rickenbacker tremelo bass
Larry Knechtel - harpsicord, tack piano
Mitchell Froom - vox continental
Pete Thomas - drums, percussion
Nicholas Bucknall - clarinet
Rivhard Morgan - oboe
Andrew Findon - flute
Simon Rayner - french horn
Neil Levesley - bassoon
"After The Fall":
Elvis Costello - vocals, acoustic guitar
Marc Ribot - spanish guitar
Rob Wasserman - 6-string electric upright bass
Larry Knechtel - harmonium
Mitchell Froom - celeste
Steven Soles - vocal harmony
"Georgie And Her Rival":
Elvis Costello - vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar
Pete Thomas - drums
Jerry Scheff - bass
Marc Ribot - electric guitar
Larry Knechtel - grand piano
Benmont Tench - electric spinet
Mitchell Froom - organ, chamberlain
James Burton - acoustic & electric guitar figure
"So Like Candy":
Elvis Costello - vocals, electric & acoustic rhythm guitars
Jim Keltner - drums
Mitchell Froom - mellotron, chamberlain, celeste
Marc Ribot - spanish & electric guitar
Larry Knechtel - tack piano
Jerry Scheff - bass
T-Bone Wolk - intro/outro bass figures
"Couldn't Call It Unexpected No.2":
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
"Playboy To A Man":
The Mighty Corsican - vocals
Elvis Costello - big stupid guitar, 12-string Rickenbacker
Jerry Scheff - bass
Jim Keltner - drums
Larry Knechtel - upright piano
Marc Ribot - guitar selection
Froom/Tench/Knechtel - 'piano frenzy'
Costello/Froom - organ
"Sweet Pear":
Elvis Costello - vocals, electric guitar
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Pete Thomas - drums
Jerry Scheff - bass
Larry Knechtel - piano, organ
Mitchell Froom - celesta, organ
Elvis Costello - vocals, piano, chamberlain
Rob Wasserman - 6-string upright electric bass
Marc Ribot - electric guitar
Mitchell Froom - chamberlain
Larry Knechtel - harmonium
"Couldn't Call It Unexpected No.4":
Elvis Costello - vocals, celeste, toy piano
Larry Knechtel - upright piano
Bermont Tench - harmonium, calliope
Mitchell Froom - chamberlain
Marc Ribot - banjo, cornet, Eb horn
Jerry Scheff - tuba, upright electric bass
Jim Keltner - drums
#5 (UK), #55 (US).
Went silver (60,000 copies) in the UK (date unknown).