Painted From Memory
- Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach [52:19]
(front cover / picture CD)

(US advance promo sleeve (MEAD 171))
Release dateMedia Catalogue number (comments)
1998-08-25 CD Mercury MEAD 171 (US advance promo, with full cover art)
1998-09-02 CD Mercury (US promo, no catalogue number. comes with a big pack of promotion blurb)
1998-09-__ CD Mercury (promo, no catalogue number, simple black & white cover)
1998-09-28 CD Mercury/Polygram 314 538 002 2 (UK, Europe)
1998-09-29 CD Mercury/Polygram 314 538 002 2 (US)
1998-09-29CAS Mercury/Polygram 314 538 002 4 (US)
1998-10-06 CD Mercury/Polygram 314 538 002 2 (Australia)
1998-10-07 CD Mercury PHCR 1655 (Japan)
  1. In The Darkest Place [Costello/Bacharach] [4:19]
  2. Toledo [Costello/Bacharach] [4:36]
  3. I Still Have That Other Girl [Costello/Bacharach] [2:48]
  4. This House Is Empty Now [Costello/Bacharach] [5:10]
  5. Tears At The Birthday Party [Costello/Bacharach] [4:38]
  6. Such Unlikely Lovers [Costello/Bacharach] [3:26]
  7. My Thief [Costello/Bacharach] [4:21]
  8. The Long Division [Costello/Bacharach] [4:15]
  9. Painted From Memory [Costello/Bacharach] [4:14]
  10. The Sweetest Punch [Costello/Bacharach] [4:11]
  11. What's Her Name Today? [Costello/Bacharach] [4:11]
  12. God Give Me Strength [Costello/Bacharach] [6:10]
Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello
Arranged and conducted by Burt Bacharach
String orchestration for "Painted From Memory" by Johnny Mandel, conducted by Eddie Karam.
Elvis Costello - voice
Burt Bacharach - piano
Steve Nieve - keyboards, plus piano (on "Toledo") & second grand piano (on "My Thief")
Jim Keltner - drums
Greg Cohen - bass
Dean Parks - guitar, (solo on "This House Is Empty Now")
Donna Taylor, Lisa Taylor, Sue-Ann Carwell - vocal group
Additional musicians:
Steve Kujala - flute (on "In The Darkest Place")
Jerry Hey - flugel horn (on "Toledo")
Gary Grant - flugel horn (on "Toledo")
Dave Coy - fretless bass (on "This House Is Empty Now")
Frank Morocco - musette (on "This House Is Empty Now")
Bob Schrock - keyboards (on "This House Is Empty Now")
Belinda Whitney-Barratt - violin solo (on "This House Is Empty Now")
Dan Higgins - baritone sax (on "Tears At The Birthday Party")
Randy Kerber - keyboards (on "Such Unlikely Lovers")
Greg Phillinganes - keyboards & Moog solo (on "The Long Division")
Earle Dumler - oboe solo (on "The Long Division")
Paulinho Da Costa - percussion (on "The Long Division")
Plus many more!
#32 (UK), #78 (US).
  • This version of "God Give Me Strength" is the same as the one included on the soundtrack to Grace Of My Heart.
  • On the advance promo (MEAD 171) the track "Painted From Memory" is placed after "The Sweetest Punch" instead before it.