The Elvis Costello Hour
- Elvis Costello

Release dateMedia Catalogue number (comments)
1989-__-__2xLP Warner Brothers Words & Music series #165, PRO-A-3488 (US promo, plain white sleeve /w sticker)
1989-__-__ CAS Warner WB 3488 (US DJ promo)
Tracks include:
  • ...This Town... (bastard mix)
Elvis Costello, Kevin Killen & T-Bone Burnett.
As for Spike
  • This CD features "an hour of conversation and music from his Warner Bros. debut album Spike". 4x15 mins. of interview with Bill Flanagan. The 'bastard mix' is very similar to the album version, but has a chorus of multi-tracked Elvises crooning "sweetheart" over the word "bastard". But the word "bastard" is still perfectly audible.