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Meet The Attractions: "A keyboard player who could really play, a bass player with a feel for the melody line, and a drummer who wanted to be Keith Moon". With a 'take no prisoners' attitude Elvis & The Attractions recorded this whirlwind album that Elvis modelled on "Aftermath".



Initial UK release:                          
Side 1:
  No Action
  This Year's Girl
  The Beat
  Pump It Up
  Little Triggers
  You Belong To Me
Side 2:
  Hand In Hand
  (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
  Lip Service
  Living In Paradise
  Lipstick Vogue
  Night Rally

Bonus tracks on Demon/Rykodisc CD reissue:
  Radio Radio
  Big Tears
  Crawling To The U.S.A.
  Running Out Of Angels
  Green Shirt (demo)
  Big Boys (demo)


Release information:


  1978-03-17  This Year's Model
  1993-10-__  This Year's Model (reissue)


  1978-03-03  (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
                / You Belong To Me
  1978-03-17  Stranger In The House
                / Neat, Neat, Neat (live)
  1978-04-28  Pump It Up
                / Big Tears
  1978-10-20  Radio Radio
                / Tiny Steps
  1978-__-__  This Year's Girl
                / Big Tears
  1978-__-__  This Year's Girl [promo]
                / This Year's Girl (mono)
  1978-__-__  (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
                / Tiny Steps
                ; Night Rally