Sunday Times CD
- Elvis Costello

Release date Media Catalogue number (comments)
2002-09-22 CD
  1. 4 Audio tracks
    1. Watching the Detectives (Tokyo Kokusai, July 2002)
      As per Cruel Smile (I assume), but it fades out before the 'Funny Valentine'
      part. Great version.
    2. Man Out Of Time
      LP version, "from the forthcoming Imperial Bedroom deluxe 2xCD edition"
    3. Pump It Up
      LP version, "from the forthcoming TYM deluxe 2xCD edition, out now " (this
      statement made me laugh)
    4. Accidents Will Happen (Hollywood High)
      LP version, "from the forthcoming Armed Forces deluxe 2xCD edition"
  2. 3 PC Audio tracks
    1. 15 Petals (Sydney, July 2002)
      As per Cruel Smile (I assume)
    2. 45
      As per WIWC
    3. Spooky Girlfriend (Sydney, July 2002)
      This is the worrying thing! Cruel Smile is (supposedly) going to use Spooky
      Girlfiend from KFOG, not from Sydney. I don't know if this is the Sydney
      version or the KFOG version because I haven't listened to it yet because
      it's "4 strikes and you're out" (see below)
  3. Video
    1. 45