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    1. Unofficial EC-List Dictionary of Terms - a bit of list-inspired craziness
    2. Projects
      1. Rarities tapes - 6-tape project of rare Elvis songs
      2. Kojak j-card - tape project of the original songs from Kojak Variety and Almost Blue
      3. Original Sins - the original song project
      4. Brilliant Mistakes-EC tribute tape project
      5. Life Intimidates Art - a second EC tribute tape project
      6. Such Unlikely Covers - artwork for another project
      7. Idiot's Delight
            front [351k], back [333k]
      8. 45 Alibis - artwork and information for this project

      9.     front [511k], back [416k] - improved artwork
      10. Songs From The Fire Escape (UK Broadcasts from the Thames and the Tyne)

      11.     front [1,381k], back [629k], label [856k]
            front (pdf) [1,761K], back (pdf) [501K], label (pdf) [1,453K]
      12. Phandom of the Opera - A Live Presentation of Welcome to the Voice - artwork and information for this project

      13.     front [1,050k], back [75k]
      14. The Great Unknown - massive 11-CD project collecting all Elvis' rare releases

      15.     tracklist and artwork
            artwork (external link)
    3. Nashville or Bust! - some shots of various list members at the recent show in Nashville.