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Printing Artwork

Personally I use a program called ACDsee to print out any graphics files. I allows me to specify the dimensions of the size I want to print for many, many file types, including the jpg format that is msotly used for the bootleg artwork. It is a good program but at USD 49.95 not cheap. They are buggers also, in that when they make a major upgrade they charge you for it. I have refused to pay the USD40 upgrade they require for change from version 3.1 to version 4 for their program. The old version I have still works fine for all my requirements.

They do have a trial version available. It used to be unlimited in time, but you got annoying banners randomly asking you to pay for their product. I believe that the new trial version is time limited.

Anyway the sizes that I use to print the artwork are:
- front cover 9.53"W x 4.76"H (folding cover) - I set this as default
- front cover 4.76"W x 4.76"H (single cover)
- back cover 5.93"W x 4.60"H

I have the Maintain Aspect Ratio set, and then to change the setting to print the back cover it is only necessary to delete the "7" in the H field and press OK and it comes out okay.

There are probably other products and ways of doing this that are better, cheaper or easier. This way works for me so I will continue to use it.