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Added ArtistConcert DateLocationTitleFormatRatingSource
2008-01-05 Costello, Elvis1980-11-19Oslo, Norway, Chateau NeufCDr
2008-01-05 Costello, Elvis2007-09-28Columbia, MD, Merriweather Post PavilionCDrA+aud
2008-01-03 New York Dolls2007-12-29New York, Irving Plaza2CDraud DAT
2008-01-03 Sigur Ros2006-02-09New York, Theatre at Madison Square Garden2CDraud DAT
2007-12-31 Spektor, Regina2007-10-16New York, Hammerstein Ballroom2CDraud DAT
2007-12-30 Costello, Elvis1989-09-15Berkeley, Greek Theatre2CDrA-aud
2007-12-29 Diddley, Bo & Ron Wood1987New York, The RitzDVD
2007-12-29 Diddley, Bo & Ron Wood1988TokyoDVD
2007-12-29 FacesDVD AnthologyDVDPro-shot
2007-12-29 Gilmour, DavidHarvested PromosDVDPro-shot
2007-12-29 Hawley, Richard2007-12-01New York, Bowery Ballroom2CDrA+aud DAT
2007-12-29 Rolling StonesChris Evans InterviewsDVD
2007-12-29 Rolling StonesComplete TOTP'sDVDPro-shot
2007-12-29 Rolling StonesComplete TOTP's PerformancesDVDPro-shot
2007-12-29 Rolling StonesGimme Shelter - Citreon CollectionDVD
2007-12-29 Rolling Stones2006Melbourne, Rod Laver ArenaDVD
2007-12-29 Thompson, Richard1997-06-15New York, Randall's Island, Fleadh FestivalCDraud DAT
2007-12-29 Young, Neil2007-12-19New York, United Palace Theatre2CDraud DAT
2007-12-22 Costello, Elvis1982-10-06Leeds, Leeds University2CDrA-
2007-12-22 Costello, Elvis1989-06-28Monza, Stadio BrianteoCDrA-aud
2007-12-17 Costello, Elvis1977-12-03Chicago, Riviera TheatreCDrFM
2007-12-17 Rolling StonesLet It Bleed (documentary)3DVDPro-shot
2007-12-15 Beatles1964-08-21,22Vancouver, Empire Stadium + Seattle, Seattle Center ColiseumThe Beatles Pacific National ExhibitionCDr
2007-12-15 Beatles1964-09-02Philadelphia, Convention HallThe Beatles In Concert At Whisky FlatCDrA
2007-12-15 Beatles1966-08-19Memphis, Mid-South ColiseumFrom Beatles In Memphis 1966CDr
2007-12-15 McCartney, Paul2007-10-22Paris, OlympiaOlympia 2007DVDA+Pro-shot
2007-12-09 Williams, Lucinda1991-08-09Santa Monica, McCabe's Guitar ShopMcCabes2CDrA
2007-12-08 Harris, Emmylou & Mark Knopler2006-06-03Verona2DVDAaud
2007-12-08 Rolling Stones1964-69Classics on UK TVDVDA-Pro-shot
2007-12-03 BeatlesLive At The BBC Video Press KitDVDBPro-shot
2007-12-01 Lennon, John"Roots" John Lennon Sings The Great Rock & Roll HitsCDrouttakes
2007-12-01 Lennon, JohnOldies But Moldies2CDrouttakes
2007-12-01 Lennon, JohnRock 'n' Roll Sessions3CDrouttakes
2007-12-01 Williams, Lucinda2007-11-09Rotterdam, Off-Corso(noisy talking)2CDrAaud
2007-11-29 Lennon, JohnCome On, Listen To Me (Walls and Bridges Outtakes)2CDrA+Outtakes
2007-11-29 Lennon, John & Plastic Ono BandIt's Gonna Be Alright (POB Outtakes)2CDrAOuttakes
2007-11-29 Lennon, John & Plastic Ono Band1969-09-13Toronto, Varsity StadiumLive Peace In Toronto 1969 AudienceCDrA-aud
2007-11-29 Williams, Lucinda2007-11-07Berlin, Schiller Theatre2CDrA+aud
2007-11-29 Williams, Lucinda2007-11-13Basel, Switzerland, Festsaal MesseAVO Session (bubbly water sound)CDrA-FM
2007-11-29 Williams, Lucinda2007-11-16Paris, Trabendo(heavy breathing of taper)2CDrB+aud
2007-11-26 Hiatt, John2003AVO SessionsDVDAPro-shot
2007-11-26 Hunter, Ian1980-04-20Essen, RockpalastDVDAPro-shot
2007-11-26 Smith, Patti2000-06-23Seattle, Mural AmphitheatreDVDA-Pro-shot
2007-11-22 BeatlesSgt Pepper Deluxe5CDrA+outtakes
2007-11-22 Costello, Elvis1989-05-24Newcastle, City HallDVDA-aud
2007-11-22 Harris, EmmylouAt The BBC + OGWT In ConcertDVDA+Pro-shot
2007-11-22 Harris, EmmylouFrom A Deeper Well documentaryDVDA+Pro-shot
2007-11-22 Harris, Emmylou2007-09-09Los Angeles, The Derby, broadcast on BBC10 Commandments Of CountryDVDA+Pro-shot
2007-11-22 Harrison, George & Eric Clapton1991-12-02, 3, 10, 11, 12Osaka, Osaka HallLost Mistral Tapes10CDrA+
2007-11-22 Jesus And Mary Chain2007-05-22,23New York, Webster HallDVDA-aud
2007-11-22 Jesus And Mary Chain2007-06-22London, Royal Festival HallDVDA+aud
2007-11-22 Jesus And Mary Chain2007-07-04Lisbon, Super Bock Super Rock FestivalDVDB+aud
2007-11-22 Jesus And Mary Chain2007-07-13Madrid, Summercase FestivalDVDB-aud
2007-11-22 McCartney, Paul2007-10-25London, Roundhouse, BBC Electric PROMsDVDA+Pro-shot
2007-11-22 Rockpile1977-04-07London, BBC, Paris TheatreA Mess Of BluesCDrA+
2007-11-22 Slits2007-10-26Tokyo2CDrAaud
2007-11-22 VariousJohn Lennon's JukeboxDVDAPro-shot
2007-11-21 Costello, Elvis & Allen Toussaint2006-04-30New Orleans Jazz FestivalMSN webcast (re-sync'ed)DVDAPro-shot
2007-11-19 Costello, Elvis1978-06-22Amsterdam, CarréCDrA-aud
2007-11-19 Costello, Elvis1984-08-21Worcester, MA, Centrumrevolution source2CDr
2007-11-19 Costello, Elvis2007-10-16Dayton, OH, Wright State University, Nutter CenterCDrAaud
2007-11-19 Costello, Elvis2007-10-22St. Louis, MO, Fox TheatreCDrAaud
2007-11-19 Costello, Elvis2007-10-24Iowa City, IA, University of Iowa, Carver-Hawkeye Arena(annoying clapping through Sugarcane)CDrAaud
2007-11-19 Costello, Elvis2007-10-26Omaha, NE, Qwest Center OmahaCDraud
2007-11-16 BeatlesSgt Pepper Deluxe Edition5CDrA+outtakes
2007-11-16 Costello, Elvis2007-09-29Kingston, RI, University of Rhode Island, Ryan CenterCDraud
2007-11-16 Costello, Elvis2007-10-02Worcester, MA, DCU CenterCDraud
2007-11-16 Costello, Elvis2007-10-04Portland, ME, Cumberland County Civic CenterCDraud
2007-11-16 Costello, Elvis2007-10-05Manchester, NH, Verizon Wireless ArenaCDraud
2007-11-16 Costello, Elvis2007-10-27Chicago, IL, Chicago TheatreCDraud
2007-11-16 Costello, Elvis2007-10-28Chicago, IL, Chicago TheatreCDraud
2007-11-16 Costello, Elvis & Clover2007-11-08LSan Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall, late show2CDrA+aud
2007-11-15 Costello, Elvis1984-04-11Washington, DC, Constitution HallEnjoying One of the Show2CDr
2007-11-03 Costello, Elvis1982-09-14Sheffield, City Hallretracked, gaps removed2CDrB
2007-11-03 Costello, Elvis2007-10-29Chicago, IL, The Chicago TheaterCDrAaud
2007-11-01 Various7 Ages of Rock4DVDApro-shot
2007-10-29 Costello, Elvis2007-10-19Bloomington, IN, Indiana University Bloomington, Assembly HallCDrA+aud
2007-10-27 Springsteen, Bruce1975-12-31Philadelphia (Upper Darby), PA, Tower TheatreCDrA+
2007-10-24 Costello, Elvis1999-07-12Oostende, Belgium, Kursaal Casino2CDrAaud MD
2007-10-20 Costello, Elvis2007-10-20Bloomington, IL, US Cellular Coliseumdonolker sourceCDrA+aud
2007-10-20 Costello, Elvis2007-10-20Bloomington, IL, US Cellular Coliseumsoomlos sourceCDrA+aud
2007-10-20 Jesus And Mary ChainLive For 99x (mp3s)CDr
2007-10-18 Costello, Elvis1983-10-10Oklahoma City, Zoo Amphitheatre2CDrAaud
2007-10-17 Costello, Elvis1995-08-02New York, Beacon Theatre2CDr
2007-10-15 Costello, Elvis1994-05-15Laguna Hills, CA, Irvine Meadows2CDr
2007-10-15 Costello, Elvis2007-10-12Ypsilanti, MI, Eastern Michigan University, Convocation CenterCDrAaud
2007-10-14 Costello, Elvis & Nick Lowe1989-04-18Columbus, OH, Ohio State University2CDrA
2007-10-13 Costello, Elvis2007-10-09Rochester, NY, Gordon Field HouseCDrA+aud
2007-10-11 Costello, Elvis2007-10-06Albany, NY, Times Union CenterCDraud
2007-10-10 BeatlesUndiscovered Beatles Vol. 1DVDPro-shot
2007-10-10 Costello, Elvis2007-10-08Syracuse, NY, War Memorial At OncenterCDrA+aud
2007-10-10 Velvet UndergroundBoston4CDr
2007-10-10 Velvet UndergroundRaritiesDVD
2007-10-10 Velvet UndergroundUnripenedCDr
2007-10-08 Costello, Elvis1978-05-04Boston, Orpheum TheatreCDr
2007-10-08 Costello, Elvis1979-03-15Columbus, Agora ClubCDr
2007-10-08 Costello, Elvis1979-06-04Geleen, Netherlands, Pinkpop FMCDr
2007-10-08 Costello, Elvis1980-04-16MaastrichtCDr
2007-10-08 Costello, Elvis1982-01-03Nashville, Ryman Auditorium2CDrA
2007-10-08 Costello, Elvis1987-06-20Glastonbury, Glastonbury Festival2CDr
2007-10-08 Lowe, Nick1975-1978Demos take 1 (lilpanda)CDr
2007-10-08 Lowe, Nick1975-1978Demos take 2 (lilpanda)CDr
2007-10-08 Lowe, Nick1983-04-13Daly City, CACDr
2007-10-08 Lowe, Nick1984-09-14BerkeleyCDr
2007-10-08 Lowe, Nick1984-09-15BBC Radio DazeCDrB
2007-10-08 Lowe, Nick1985-03Malmoe, Sweden FMCDrA