'Til Tuesday: Coming up Close: A Retrospective

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Coming up Close: A Retrospective
'Til Tuesday Coming up Close album cover.jpg
Compilation album by
'Til Tuesday
ReleasedSep 24, 1996

1996 compilation album by 'Til Tuesday includes "The Other End (Of The Telescope)", co-written by Elvis Costello and Aimee Mann.


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Love In A Vacuum  Hausman, Holmes, Mann, Pesce 3:37
2. Voices Carry (Single Mix)Hausman, Holmes, Mann, Pesce 4:23
3. You Know The Rest  Hausman, Holmes, Mann, Pesce 4:28
4. No One Is Watching You Now  Mann 3:56
5. On Sunday  Hausman, Holmes, Mann, Pesce 4:08
6. Coming Up Close  Mann 4:42
7. Will She Just Fall Down  Mann 2:52
8. David Denies  Hausman, Holmes, Mann, Pesce 4:51
9. What About Love  Mann 3:58
10. Why Must I  Mann 3:38
11. The Other End (Of The Telescope)  MacManus, Mann 3:52
12. J For Jules  Mann 4:26
13. (Believed You Were) Lucky  Mann, Shear, Shear 3:38
14. Limits to Love  Mann 3:35
15. Long Gone Buddy  Hausman, Mann 4:32
16. Do It Again  Hausman, Mann 4:01
Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1996-09-24 CD EK 64944 US
1996-09-24 CD 485113 2 UK
1996-09-24 CD CDCOL 5157 H South Africa

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