'Til Tuesday: Everything's Different Now

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Everything's Different Now
Til Tuesday Everything's Different Now album cover.jpg
Studio album by
'Til Tuesday
ProducerRhett Davies
CD sleeve back and disc.

1988 album by 'Til Tuesday includes "The Other End Of The Telescope" co-written by Elvis Costello and Aimee Mann.


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Everything's Different Now  Jules Shear, Matthew Sweet 3:56
2. Rip In Heaven  Kit Hain, Aimee Mann 3:31
3. Why Must I  Aimee Mann 3:42
4. J For Jules  Aimee Mann 4:26
5. (Believed You Were) Lucky  Aimee Mann, Jules Shear 3:38
6. Limits To Love  Aimee Mann 3:36
7. Long Gone Buddy  Michael Hausman, Aimee Mann 4:34
8. The Other End Of The Telescope  Declan MacManus, Aimee Mann 3:53
9. Crash And Burn  Kit Hain, Aimee Mann 4:46
10. How Can You Give Up?  Michael Hausman, Aimee Mann 3:38


  • Aimee Mann – vocals, bass and acoustic guitar
  • Michael Hausman – drums, percussion and programming
  • Robert Holmes – guitars and background vocals
  • Michael Montes – keyboards
  • Haery Ung Shin – violin
  • Peter Abrams – French horn
  • Elvis Costello – background vocals on "The Other End (Of The Telescope)"
  • Marcus Miller – additional bass on "How Can You Give Up?" and "Long Gone (Buddy)"
  • Tiger Okoshi – trumpet and horn arrangement on "How Can You Give Up?"
  • Hal Crook – trombone on "How Can You Give Up?"
  • Mike Denneen – additional keyboards on "How Can You Give Up?"

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