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30:10 is an album of solo reworkings of Elvis Costello's older songs. Ten CDRs were reportedly hidden inside random copies of the 2007 compilation The Best Of Elvis Costello The First 10 Years.

Five songs — Pump It Up, High Fidelity, (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea, Alison, and Almost Blue — became available in the members-only section of ElvisCostello.com on July 24, 2008.


Elvis Costello quoted in The Tennessean, September 6, 2007:

"I recorded some new melodies for some of my older songs, and for a gag I recorded them on just a cassette player. And I didn't have a microphone so I plugged in headphones into the tape recorder, because you switch them backwards, they work as a microphone. I didn't want to be like a Luddite, so I put them on a CDR, and I put 10 of the CDRs in 10 copies of the best of record that we released in April, and hid 'em in the shops in America, just to see whether anybody bought records anymore. And as nobody's found 'em yet and it's now September, I guess nobody buys records anymore. But somewhere somebody's gonna get a little surprise one of these days . . . They're gonna be in Wal-Mart or somewhere, and they're gonna buy one of these records and they're gonna discover a little free gift from me. . . . There's not enough fun with the business of music. It's all very serious. The record thing for as long as it's gonna last, it needs a little mischief put back into it."

Elvis Costello on his official website, 2008-04-22:

"Ever since I hid ten copies of 30:10 - solo home recordings of re-written songs - in the jewel boxes of the "Best Of" collection released in the Spring of ‘07 and then waited in vain for one of them to surface, I'd realized that it was time to do things differently…
I don't think many people believed that 30:10 really existed but if anyone reading this has one in their possession, they had better claim their special prize right away because we will be posting the songs on this site very soon and the offer will expire…"

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