About A Girl

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About A Girl
About A Girl album cover.jpg
Various artists compilation by
Various artists
LabelFDR Label

Various artists compilation to benefit the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition includes a cover of "Alison" performed by The Commons.


TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. Queen Jane Approximately  Maybe Pete  
2. Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)  Late Night Television  
3. Alison  The Commons  
4. Something Happened To Catherine  Dipsomaniacs  
5. Gabrielle  The Frantic  
6. Victoria  Milton And The Devils Party  
7. She Sheila  Bastards Of Melody  
8. Stephanie Says  Grammar Debate!  
9. Cinderella  Jukebox Zeros  
10. Whole Lotta Rosie  Beretta 76  
11. Julia  Trolleyvox  
12. Rosalita  The Rigbees  
13. Walk Away Renee  Somerdale  
14. Eleanor  Blank Pages  
15. Anna  Creeping Weeds  
16. Clara Clairvoyant  Timothy Bracken Complex  
17. Mary Mary  The Support Group  
18. O Dana  The Successful Failures  
19. Suzanne  Taggart  
20. Wendy  Speedway  
21. April She Will Come  The Swivel Chairs  
Bonus disc
TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. Sweet Jane  J Horndog with the Dipsomaniacs  
2. Cindy Incidentally  Parallax Project  
3. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame  Jon Caspi with LBJ  
4. Beth  Michael Slawter  
5. Rubella  David Miller  
6. Caroline, No  Matt Rude  

Release info

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
2007-10-23 CD FDR Records -

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