Agnes Bernelle: Father's Lying Dead On The Ironing Board

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Father's Lying Dead On The Ironing Board
Agnes Bernelle Father's Lying Dead On The Ironing Board album cover.jpg
studio album by
Agnes Bernelle
ProducerPhilip Chevron
Elvis Costello (executive producer)


Side one
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Chansonette  Joachim Ringelnatz  
2. Bertha De Sade  Joachim Ringelnatz  
3. Hafen-Kneipe  Joachim Ringelnatz  
4. Tootsies  Klabund  
5. Girl With Brown Mole  Joachim Ringelnatz  
6. The Horse  Joachim Ringelnatz  
Side two
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Night Elegy  Joachim Ringelnatz  
2. The Homecoming  Joachim Ringelnatz  
3. Ballad Of The Poor Child  Frank Wedekind  
4. The Hurdy-Gurdy  Jacques Prévert  
5. The Nightingale  Joachim Ringelnatz  


  • Roy Chilton - Bass
  • Charles Barber - Keyboards
  • Dominic Hackett - Percussion
  • Ann Morfee, Martin Reed - Violin
  • Dick Cuthell - Cornet on "Night Elegy"
  • Adrian Legg - Guitar on "Ballad Of The Poor Child"
  • Lyrics by Agnes Bernelle adapted and translated from the texts of Joachim Ringelnatz, Klabund, Frank Wedekind, Jacques Prevert
  • Music by Michael Dress, except Ballad Of The Poor Child, traditional, adapted by Agnes Bernelle.

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