Alison Krauss: A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection

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A Hundred Miles Or More:
A Collection
Alison Krauss A Hundred Miles Or More A Collection album cover.jpg
collection by
Alison Krauss
ReleasedApr 3, 2007

2007 collection by Alison Krauss includes a cover of "The Scarlet Tide."


1  You're Just A Country Boy  Barer, Hellerman  3:28  
2  Simple Love  Siskind  4:45  
3  Jacob's Dream  Lee, Pennell  5:25  
4  Away Down The River  Lee, Stevenson  5:43  
5  Sawing On The Strings  Compton  3:03  
6  Down To The River To Pray (from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?)  Traditional  2:56  
7  Baby Mine  Churchill, Washington  3:37  
8  Molly Bán (Bawn)  Traditional  4:46  
9  How's The World Treating You  Atkins, Bryant  3:22  with James Taylor
10  The Scarlet Tide (T Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello  2:56  
11  Whiskey Lullaby  Anderson, Randall  4:20 Featuring [Duet With] - Brad Paisley 
12  You Will Be My Ain True Love Sting  2:31  with Sting
13  I Give You To His Heart (from the Prince of Egypt)  Block  4:28  
14  Get Me Through December  Lavery, Sampson  6:30  
15  Missing You  Leonard, Sandford, Waite  4:41  Featuring [Duet With] - John Waite 
16  Lay Down Beside Me  Williams  4:59  Featuring [Duet With] - John Waite 

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