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  • 2002 May

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This Year's Model, Blood and Chocolate, Brutal Youth

David Bash

This is Rhino's second installment of Elvis Costello reissues, and the common thread is the Attractions. This Year's Model, from 1978, is Elvis as the angry young man, sticking a middle finger up at the mainstream. Catchy, new wave-y rockers like "No Action," "The Beat," "Lip Service" and the anthemic "Pump It Up" make this album one of Costello's all-time classics. Eight years later Blood and Chocolate arrived. "Uncomplicated," still feels like a like a sharp thrust into your gut, "Honey Are You Straight or Are You Blind?" is the best garage rocker of Costello's career, "Next Time Round" is a catchy power popper and "Tokyo Storm Warning" would do Dylan proud. On 1994's Brutal Youth Costello belted out songs like "Kinder Murder," "This Is Hell," "Sulky Girl" and "Just About Glad" with the rage of one who has been ripped apart by an unfeeling world. But he did throw a few curves with the pretty "Still Too Soon to Know," "London's Brilliant Parade" and "My Science Fiction Twin," which harks back to the naked soul of Get Happy. Each of these reissues includes a bonus disc of demos, outtakes and songs that didn't quite fit.


Amplifier, No. 30, May-June, 2002

David Bash reviews the Rhino reissues of This Year's Model, Blood & Chocolate and Brutal Youth.


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