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Original Movie Soundtrack

Michael Tearson

As I write this, the movie is not quite released, but since it is based on a play by Phil Proctor and Peter Bergman, formerly half of Firesign Theatre, it could be an uproariously sick laff riot. Or it could just be sick.

In any case, the soundtrack album is all music — a new Beach Boys tune that is surprisingly good; two new Eddie Money songs, a rocker and a ballad, and two Elvis Costello songs of which one, "I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea," has not been released in America before and the other, "Crawling to the U.S.A.," is brand spanking new. And that's all on side 1.

Side 2 is somewhat lighter weight. Nick Lowe's "Without Love" is a catchy C&W song that appears on Nick's recent Labour of Lust. "Car Wars" is a snappy Tom Scott instrumental. "Don't You Ever Say No" is sung by the unknown Zane Busby (she is featured in the cast). Finally Harvey Korman with a brief, unbilled assist from Meat Loaf (who is also in the film with Costello) do the nasty satiric "Gold."

Actually an interesting album. Dunno who will buy it unless it's Money and Costello fanatics. Slight, but very amusing.

Well, the film will long since be out by the time you read this and will either be a hit or have sunk without a trace. Let it be.

Sound: B-
Performance: B-


Audio, November 1979

Michael Tearson reviews the soundtrack to Americathon.


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