Austin de Lone

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Member of:

Eggs Over Easy
The Moonlighters
The Confederates
The Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods
Elvis Costello's High Whines & Spirits

Co-songwriter (with Bill Kirchen and Johnny Castle) on:

Man In The Bottom Of The Well

Performed with Elvis Costello:

November-December 1987 with The Confederates:
1987-11-05, Atlanta, GA
1987-11-07, Nashville, TN
1987-11-09, Tulsa, OK
1987-11-10, Austin, TX
1987-11-12, New Orleans, LA
1987-11-16, Tokyo, Japan
1987-11-17, Tokyo, Japan
1987-11-18, Tokyo, Japan
1987-11-20, Sapporo, Japan
1987-11-21, Tokyo, Japan
1987-11-23, Kyoto, Japan
1987-11-24, Osaka, Japan
1987-11-25, Nagoya, Japan
1987-11-27, Fukuoka, Japan
1987-12-01, Melbourne, Aus
1987-12-03, Sydney, Aus
1987-12-04, Wollongong, Aus
1987-12-05, Brisbane, Aus
1987-12-07, Newcastle, Aus
1987-12-08, Melbourne, Aus
1987-12-10, Melbourne, Aus
1987-12-12, Adelaide, Aus
1987-12-13, Adelaide, Aus
1987-12-15, Perth, Aus
1989-04-24, Sweetwater, Mill Valley, CA - 21st Anniversary Of Village Music
2000-04-27, Ruby Skye, San Francisco - private party for AskJeeves
2000-04-27, Boom Boom Room, San Francisco
2006-10-06, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Francisco
2007-05-03, Village Music, Mill Valley, CA - in-store appearance
2007-11-08, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, early show and late show - My Aim Is True tribute concerts.
2010-10-01, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, early show
2010-10-01, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, late show

Opened for Elvis Costello:

1996-07-02, Zelt-Musik-Festival, Freiburg, Germany

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