Belfast Telegraph, June 4, 1983

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Elvis fans stay away

Liam Creagh

Elvis Costello fans seemed to get their own back on the Thunderbirds puppet look-alike for cancelling gigs in the city twice before actually making it here. They boycotted last night's gig.

Less than 600 people spread out in a bunch at Maysfield Leisure Centre to yawn their way through through almost two hours of the weedy singer's hits — and misses.

Organisers expected to do a little better with the 2,000 capacity hall, but it seems most of his fans didn't like be messed about and stayed away.

Musically, the gig was uninspiring. The only song with any content was "Oliver's Army" and I heard that from the carpark on my way out.

Mind you, the RKO brass section, ex Dexy Midnight Runners, which came on half way through the night fairly jazzed the evening up adding the musical charge sadly lacking in the weedy band.

I should have felt sorry for the man in the goggly glasses as he battled in vain to warm up the small crowd in front of him but I just couldn't manage it.

Ciaran Goss, the 21-year-old Queen's law student who played support was streets ahead in the popularity stakes as he and his guitar pumped out old favorites from the '60's and '70's.


Belfast Telegraph, June 4, 1983

Liam Creagh reviews Elvis Costello & The Attractions with The TKO Horns and opening act Kieran Goss, Friday, June 3, 1983, Maysfield Leisure Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


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