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Beyond Belief



Costello & Nieve Hit Road

Mike Bodayle

THE DUO OF COSTELLO & NIEVE commenced an 10-city tour of Italy in early February. The pair will also play at the Vossa Jazz Festival in Norway on April 5th and there has also been talk of a US tour later in the year.

Beyond Belief received an early report on the Genoa show and will provide more extensive coverage of the tour in BB16. Highlights gleaned from the Genoa show include the debut of the third known Costello/Nieve composition titled "Unfailing Welcome to the Voice," this song, adapted from Nieve's Parasite opera, deals with a drunk man in a theatre who sees the ghosts of his life passing in front of his eyes. After a solo "So Like Candy," Costello performed "Gigi," "Alison" and "The Invisible Man" to the light of a single lamp. The show also closed with a stunning unamplified "Couldn't Call it Unexpected No. 4."

Here's the complete Genoa set list; Shot With His Own Gun / Temptation / Talking In the Dark-Poor Fractured Atlas (medley) / Still Too Soon to Know / Kid About It / The Long Honeymoon / Unfailing Welcome to the Voice /So Like Candy / Gigi / Alison / The Invisible Man / God Give Me Strength / I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself / Man Out of Time / Veronica / Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
ENCORE: Almost Blue /My Funny Valentine / God's Comic / The Birds Will Still Be Singing /
SECOND ENCORE: All This Useless Beauty / Accidents Will Happen / Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4.
Other songs played elsewhere on the tour included Clown Strike, Sulky Girl, From a Whisper to a Scream, You Little Fool, Little Palaces, I Want You, Shipbuilding, O' Mistress Mine, Detectives, Shallow Grave. Mouth Almighty, I'll Wear It Proudly, Telescope, Why Can't A Man Stand Alone and the first ever performance of Miss Mary, written with Italian performer Zucchero.

February Italian Tour

3 Perugia Teatro Morlacchi
5 Genoa Opera
6 Aosta Teatro Giacosa
7 Florence Teatro Verdi
9 Turin Teatro Regio
10 Rome Santa Cecilia
11 Modena Teatro Storchi
14 Venice Teatro Goldoni
15 Cremona Teatro Ponchielli
16 Milan Teatro Lirico

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Beyond Belief, No, 15, March 1998

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