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Bill Frisell's Quartet (1996) is included in Elvis Costello's "500 Albums You Need" (Vanity Fair, November 2000).   The Sweetest Punch (1999) features alternate versions of the 12 songs on Painted From Memory.
Bill Frisell and Elvis Costello

Co-songwriter (with Elvis Costello) on:

Deep Dead Blue

Guitar on:

Baby Plays Around (Live 1995)(Deep Dead Blue)
Deep Dead Blue (Live 1995)(Deep Dead Blue)
Gigi (Live 1995)(Deep Dead Blue)
Love Field (Live 1995)(Deep Dead Blue)
Poor Napoleon (Live 1995)(Deep Dead Blue)
Shamed Into Love (Live 1995)(Deep Dead Blue)
Weird Nightmare (Live 1995)(Deep Dead Blue)
I Still Have That Other Girl (arranged by Bill Frisell)   (1999, The Sweetest Punch)
Toledo (arranged by Bill Frisell)   (1999, The Sweetest Punch)

Arranger on:

Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (Live 2004)(2006, My Flame Burns Blue)
Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (Live 1995)(2006, The Juliet Letters (Rhino reissue))

Performed with Elvis Costello:

1995-06-25, London
2001-04-25, Los Angeles
2001-04-26, Los Angeles
2004-05-21, Bochum
2008-09-08, New York - taping for Spectacle

Recorded alternate versions of the songs on Painted From Memory (on The Sweetest Punch, 1999)

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