Bill Kirchen: The Proper Years

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Bill Kirchen: The Proper Years
Bill Kirchen The Proper Years album cover.jpg
compilation studio album by
Bill Kirchen
ReleasedMarch 3, 2020
RecordedProper Records, Specific Sound Studios, London
ProducerPaul "Bassman" Riley
LabelLast Music Company

2020 two CD album by Bill Kirchen includes vocals by Elvis Costello on "Man In The Bottom Of The Well." Compiles the three albums "Hammer Of The Honky Tonk Gods"(2006) , "Word To The Wise" (2010) and "Seeds And Stems" (2013) plus three extra bonus tracks.


Disc 1
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods  Bill Kirchen 2:25
2. Rocks Into Sand (with Nick Lowe & Geraint Watkins)Bill Kirchen 3:27
3. Get A Little Goner (with Nick Lowe & Geraint Watkins)Sarah Brown, Bill Kirchen 2:44
4. Skid Row In My Mind  Blackie Farrell 4:21
5. Working Man  Bill Kirchen 2.55
6. Soul Cruisin'  Joe New 3:34
7. Truth Be Told  Bill Kirchen 2:52
8. Devil With The Blue Dress  Frederick Earl Long 3:23
9. One More Day  Bill Kirchen 2:55
10. Heart Of Gold  Tony Johnson 3:44
11. If It's Really Got To Be This Way  Arthur Alexander, Donnie Fritts, J.Nicholson 3:09
12. Bump Wood  Bill Kirchen 4:10
13. Shelly's Winter Love (with Nick Lowe, Paul Carrack)Merle Haggard 4:27
14. Man In The Bottom Of The Well (with Elvis Costello)Bill Kirchen, Johnny Castle, Austin de Lone 4:35
15. I Don't Work That Cheap (with Commander Cody)Bill Kirchen, Blackie Farrell 2:49
16. Time Will Tell The Story  Bill Kirchen, Sarah Brown, Louise Kirchen 4:15
17. Husbands And Wives (with Chris O'Connell)Roger Miller 3:10
18. Open Range (with Kevin "Blackie" Farrell)Leroy Preston, Blackie Farrell 4:27
19. Arkansas Diamond  Sarah Brown, Bill Kirchen 3.33
Disc 2
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Word To The Wise (with Dan Hicks)Bill Kirchen, Dan Hicks 2:46
2. Ain’t Got Time For The Blues (with Maria Muldaur)Bill Kirchen 2:56
3. Valley Of The Moon (with Norton Buffalo)Bill Kirchen 3:49
4. Too Much Fun  Bill Kirchen, Billy C. Farlow 2:40
5. Tell Me The Reason  Bill Kirchen 3:04
6. Down To Seeds And Stems Again  Billy C. Farlow, George Frayne IV 4:03
7. Rockabilly Funeral  Kevin "Blackie" Farrell, Brian Voorheis 4:16
8. Semi-Truck  Bill Kirchen, Billy C. Farlow 2:09
9. Womb To The Tomb  Bill Kirchen, Louise Kirchen 4:01
10. Flip Flop  Bill Kirchen 3:28
11. Swing Fever  Bill Kirchen, Johnny Castle, Nigel Goodson, Jack O'Dell 3:15
12. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry  Bill Kirchen 4:10
13. Truck Stop At The End Of The World  Bill Kirchen, George Frayne IV 3:14
14. Mama Hated Diesels  Kevin "Blackie" Farrell, Bill Kirchen 4:58
15. Hot Rod Lincoln  Charlie Ryan 7:43
16. Talkin' About Chicken  Bill Kirchen, Louise Kirchen 3:08
17. Think It Over  Jimmy Donley (alias Kenny James) 2:46
18. Oxblood  Butch Hancock 3:47
19. The Times They Are A-Changin' (with Austin de Lone)Bob Dylan 4:15

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