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This Year's Model

Elvis Costello


This is a strong followup to last year's My Aim Is True debut LP from this British new wave cult figure. All songs here possess a sparkling, dynamic quality whether it's a driving rocker or slower tempo material. Costello interprets his own wry lyrics with a raw-edged vocal style and producer Lowe cushions with fine production touches such as riveting keyboard breaks. Above all else there is a tangible energy level that pervades throughout.

Best cuts: "No Action," "Pump It Up," You Belong To Me," "Hand On Hand," "Lip Service," "Radio, Radio."

Dealers: Costello is one of the more intelligent and textured of the new wave figures.

Pure Pop For Now People

Nick Lowe


Lowe probably produced this himself as he did previous efforts by Elvis Costello, the Rumour, the Damned. and other new wave rockers. Lowe himself transcends categories. His material on the debut American LP ranges through the pop gamut. There is reggae, soul, pop ballads, hard rock and a whole lot else including a takeoff of the Bay City Rollers. Lowe has learned from his sources well and the result is some truly entertaining rock 'n' roll propelled by the marvelously perverse sense of humor possessed by the new wave artists. (No longer punks?).

Best cuts: "So It Goes," "Heart Of The City," "Nutted By Reality," "Rollers Show," "They Called It."

Dealers: Could be a big one.

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Billboard, April 8, 1978

Includes reviews of This Year's Model and Pure Pop For Now People.


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