Billboard, January 20, 1979

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Armed Forces

Elvis Costello And The Attractions


In the past year Costello has emerged from cultdom to enter the forefront of the post new wave. This, his third album, is by far his most accessible though he has sacrificed none of his lyrical or musical bite. As on past albums, the backing of the Attractions is sparse but effective. There is more of a pop feel to this work and less of the frantic new wave vocalizing and musicianship of past efforts. A limited edition EP recorded live at Costello's concert dale at Los Angeles' Hollywood High School last June is included with this album. A mellow Costello is on view here as he offers a moody, touching version of "Accidents Will Happen," (a faster version appears on the LP) an extremely well-done "Alison" and a rousing "Watchin' The Detectives."

Best cuts: "Accidents Will Happen" (both versions), "Party Girl," "Senior Service," "Watchin' The Detectives," "Alison," "Two Little Hitlers," "Moods For Moderns."

Dealers: Costello's first two LPs went top 30.

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Billboard, January 20, 1979

Billboard reviews Armed Forces.

Paul Grein reports Armed Forces will be the first CBS LP with bar code.

EC is among the nominees for the Best New Artist Grammy award.


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