Billboard, November 26, 1977

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Punk rockers start major national tour

Roman Kozak

NEW YORK — Punk rock fans around the country will have a chance to see some of the top names in the field when the Ramones, Talking Heads and England's Eddie & the Hot Rods embark on a joint national tour.

In St. Louis the Ramones and Eddie & Hot Rods will play on the same bill with Elvis Costello, who is doing his own U.S. tour.

The tour is headlined by the Ramones, and while all the bands will not be playing together on all the dates, some cities where the punk show will play include Boston, Passaic, N.J., Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis Sunday (27). Following that date the Ramones and the Hot Rods will be doing their own solo Western treks.

According to Mark Zuffante, agent for the Ramones and the Hot Rods at Premier Talent, which represents the two acts, the venues where the bands will be playing are from 1,500 seats to 5,000 seats in capacity.

To make the shows different from other reek shows. he says the agency is urging the promoters in the various areas to look for a younger audience by cutting ticket prices by $1 to $1.50; by using separate ads, not the usual strip ads: and by going with general admission. He feels this will keep the audience together in case there are no sellouts.

In Detroit, for example, the show will be billed as "the new wave invasion" featuring a local band, Romantics in addition to the Ramones, Talking Heads and Hot Rods. Gail Paventcau, associate vice president. Bamboo Productions, Inc. promoter of the show, expects a sellout for the Thanksgiving eve event.

She says ticket prices have been lowered to $4, $5 and S6 for the event. Detroit is "where it all started" she says. A local television rock show "Taking It To The Sweets." and WABX, the local Lee Abrams radio station, are doing punk specials.

Also the Ramones are doing in-store appearances and are giving away turkeys and a leather jacket during the band's visit.

The Detroit in-store promotions art part of a national campaign by Sire Records to push the band's new Rocket To Russia LP which also includes mobiles, posters, standups and other displays.

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Billboard, November 26, 1977

EC is mentioned in Roman Kozak's report on an upcoming punk rock tour featuring the Ramones, Talking Heads and Eddie & the Hot Rods.


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